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The Circuit
by Sarah Wilkinson

indie ebook cover

The Circuit

Would you follow your heart, or conform to survive?

Because of a new governmental program called The Circuit, war and violence have ceased to exist. Instead, cooperation and learning takes up the majority of the day. Everyone has a job. Food shortages don't exist. Everything of unimportance is gone.

But so have emotions.

Implanted at birth, a chip steadies nerves by supplying a mass of synthetic
corticosteroids. This eliminates negative transgressions such as greed, fear, and hate. Anyone found to break the law by not having one may be punished by death.

So when it is discovered Rhana and Ryland are one of the last humans with the capability to feel, the choice is simple: surrender or die.

**This story includes government conspiracies, forbidden love, humor, and action.**

indie author Sarah Wilkinson

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