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Stolen Pawns
by R.S. Carter

indie ebook cover

Stolen Pawns

In one day, over eleven thousand American teenagers go missing. This is the story of where they went.

Child soldiers: war-driven abductions of children who are forced to join murderous armies and trained to kill are nothing new in other countries. But it

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indie author R.S. Carter

I adore both science and science-fiction. I fell in love with science at an early age with my first chemistry set. Years later, I went on to receive a degree in molecular biology which is the study of DNA. The beauty, perfection and complicated nature of this large molecule still fascinates me today.

I love all types of books and read outside of my normal genre regularly. But science-fiction and fantasy are the two genres I am attracted to. The Foundation and Ender's Game are two of my favorites, naturally. I think about these books and wonder if their author's were able to glimpse into the future. I want that privilege. Years ago the book Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea was considered science-fiction. But a version of the Nautilus soon became a reality with World War II U-boats. This is the magic of science-fiction.

Stolen Pawns is my first novel and is scheduled to be the first in a trilogy.

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