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Resonance Book One: Birds Of Passage
by Ben White

indie ebook cover

Resonance Book One: Birds Of Passage

Struggles unite us/Fates divide us/Darkness follows/Trust renews.

Resonance Book One: Birds of Passage - Hope Takes Flight ...

There is a force that exists beyond what is reasonable, an attraction that defies natural order and flies in the face of common sense. It passes through lives like an invisible wind, and those it touches are changed forever; set upon paths unchosen towards destinations unknown.

But there is no such thing as destiny, or so it is said. The future is unwritten and dreams can shape its course, and all across the world events conspire to entangle those who may yet understand:

In a finely furnished room there sits a girl watching the rain, and in her head a seed is planted that may bless or damn the world ...

In a dark and narrow alleyway, alone but for the night, a girl observes the world though she remains unseen herself ...

In a tiny rural village a girl pulls at stubborn weeds, and that
she neither sweats nor tires seems nothing but ordinary ...

In a city of stark contrast and impossible light a girl speeds across rooftops without a care in the world, unaware of who she is and the horrors her future holds ...

In an apartment in a college in a city of finest minds, a girl fusses over her father and she wishes for the past, while inside there grows a power that will change all that she knows ...

In a grotty little room in a cracked and sprawling building, a sister looks at a sister and sees the most important girl in the world ...

In a city of fear and control a boy kneels in penitent prayer, and that he cannot express his forbidden vision consumes him with
burning terror ...

In an unimportant bar in an insignificant town a man who simply should not be raises his head and stares at the wall, terrified and bewildered and filled, for the first time since he can remember, with hope ...

And the world turns, and the moon waxes and wanes, and the web grows tighter and the nights grow longer and the energy of others becomes the energy of self; the energy of all becomes the energy of one.

Elsewhere, it is achieved:


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indie author Ben White

Oh, hello! I'm Ben, Benjamin Joseph Kuniyoshi White if you're not into the whole brevity thing, and I write books. Books about pirate princesses, books about would-be greatest superheroes, books about gloomy girls bashing zombies about with baseball bats. Most of my books would fall squarely in the sub-sub-genre of 'Girls Kicking Arse', and probably if you had to choose a section of the library to put them in, Young Adult would be the safest bet.

I live in Nelson, New Zealand with my wife and two busy young daughters, and in pretty much every spare moment I have, I write.

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