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The Java Gold Book One: The Odyssey
by Robert Kingsley

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The Java Gold Book One: The Odyssey

Pearl Harbor has been bombed and South-East Asia is in flames.The unstoppable wave of Japanese forces storms south through Malaya. Singapore falls, and the battle for the oil-rich Dutch East Indies begins in earnest. With the Japanese invaders already at Java's doorstep, a load of gold left behind in a local bank is discovered, A damaged airliner is hurriedly repaired, a scratch crRew is assembled and their orders are to fly the gold to safety in Australia. A malignant twist of fate intervenes. Serious technical problems with the airplane force the crew to abandon the flight, so they unload and hide the cargo of gold in a remote spot. Several crew members are killed when they are attacked by a hostile population and the survivors barely manage to escape. When they finally reach friendly territory, they discover they have been posted as deserters and wanted for theft of an airplane and the cargo of gold. The few surviving crew members now face the stark choice of either giving themselves up or go into hiding. They choose exile and somehow they struggle through the war, flying the most dangerous air-route of all. Peace finally breaks out and they try to retrieve "their" gold. But the jinx is still there and they are haunted by misfortune, violence and death. Every time the gold seems to be within their grasp, fate intervenes and they have to start all over again. Gradually, the hunt becomes more desperate when others start to sniff at the trail of the Java Gold. “The Java Gold” the title of a multipart series “The Odyssey” has had TEN five stars reviews so far, both on Amazon and Goodreads. Vigilant Reader was one of them and highly recommends this book to readers looking for adventure stories and/or historical fiction situated in the mid-20th century. But the book not only has action and suspense, but also drama and romance. Enjoy the tale and be amazed at what happened in that remote corner of the world in those days!

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indie author Robert Kingsley

Robert A. Kingsley is a Dutch- Canadian author who currently works and lives in Europe. He works out of the magical city of Amsterdam as an independent ICT consultant. Robert has a son and a daughter, both talented professionals in their own right, and has recently become grandfather to a wonderful grandson. After several years of intensive research, Robert has published "The Odyssey", the first volume of "The Java Gold". This multi-part historical fiction story will take the reader all over the world and through half a century of recent history. The first two volumes of "The Java Gold" are largely set in the former Dutch East Indies. Not many books have been written about the turbulent post war years in that area and especially Indonesia. The Japanese invasion, the post-war struggle for independence and the general unrest in South East Asia serve as a fascinating background to the story. In this series Robert has combined his life-long interest in aviation and military history (especially World War 2)with local, on-site knowledge he has gathered during his travels all over the world as an international ICT consultant. The idea for the book was born during a "steak and beer" dinner in a California micro-brewery. Robert had just come across a number of highly intriguing facts and events that had happened in Indonesia during and after the 2nd world war. 'I could write a thriller around them' he said to one of his closest friends dared him to do so. And he did... Robert recently joined a truly intercontinental team of authors cooperating in a project called "Pearl Harbor and more..." It offers a collection of eight different short stories to commemorate the attack on Pearl Harbor and the start of the Pacific War.

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