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Second Skyn [Lost Time: Part One]
by Damien Boyes

indie ebook cover

Second Skyn [Lost Time: Part One]

If it weren't for his Digital Life Assurance, Toronto Police Detective Finsbury Gage would be dead—smeared across the highway by a crazed man in a stolen urban assault vehicle. Finsbury hung together long enough for the recovery team to arrive. His wife wasn't so lucky.

Now, six months later, his mind restored to a prosthetic brain, wrapped in a healthy new body, and technically immortal, Finsbury is back to a life that no longer exists. He's all alone, his home a shrine to everything he lost. He's been reassigned, knocked from Homicide to busting bit-heads and chasing after lost minutes of the idle rich. And his thoughts connect directly to the internet.

The only thing keeping Finsbury from blowing his plastic brains out is the memory of his wife's death. It's 2.57 seconds long and plays on repeat, every time he closes his eyes. But from within this loop of pain and grief he discovers a reason to go on—the haunting glimpse of the wild-eyed man responsible for his wife's death.

Finsbury's gonna find this guy, no matter what he has to do.

But Finsbury isn't the only one on the hunt. Something is coming for him. Something like the world has never seen. Something that will force Finsbury Gage to abandon everything he believes—everything he is—to survive.


This is the first of a five-part series. I'll be releasing three books in December and one each in January and February. Visit my website at damienboyes.com for more info.

Release dates:
Books 1 & 2 - Dec 5, 2015
Book 3 - Dec 26, 2016
Book 4 - Jan, 2016
Book 5 - Mar, 2016

Warning, these books contain cliffhangers and Canadian spelling.

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indie author Damien Boyes

Damien grew up on Terminator and Raymond Chandler and Green Lantern. On Deus Ex and PWEI. Blade Runner is his chicken soup when he's sick. He rereads Neuromancer every few years, and still loves the image of payphones ringing one by one as Case walks by, anachronistic or not.

He's a UX designer by day, a dad and husband by night, and a writer in the moments in between.

Email him at damien@damienboyes.com or visit his website at damienboyes.com and sign up to his mailing list for deleted scenes, free stories, and more.

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