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Basically Frightened
by Vasily Pugh

indie ebook cover

Basically Frightened

A pandemic has swept through the earth and all of the old systems have crumbled. And worse still, there is a chronic lack of Mars Bars. Faced with this situation, a most unlikely hero has to leave the confines of his safehouse to find what the world has become and how he fits in. He'll meet psychopaths, minor celebrities, Star Trek fans, adoring love interest, idiotic enemies and a whole range of post-apocalyptic lunacy. 'Basically Frightened' is a new kind of post-apocalyptic fiction, the kind for people tired of reading about zombies being graphically squished under tank wheels.

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indie author Vasily Pugh

Somewhere on Bhutan's verdant pastures, writer/shepherd Vasily Pugh tends his flock hoping one day to be in a position to drop the 'shepherd' part of his job description. With inspiration drawn from popular culture and nods to some clever references he read about on Wikipedia, Pugh likes the idea of twisting and turning the all too common genre fodder out there. His first book, 'Basically Frightened', is the Post-Apocalyptic book literally no-one is talking about. It takes the usual gun-toting, zombie-beheading nonsense and brings a measure of the mundane that we can all relate to. With the knowledge that his writing career gives him the luxury of only having to work 60 hours or so in another job to maintain the work, Vasily Pugh is literally bursting with ideas for books, short-stories and novellas.

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