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CHRISTMAS ASSORTMENT BOX - Holiday Stories for Everyone!
by Robyn Grady

indie ebook cover

CHRISTMAS ASSORTMENT BOX - Holiday Stories for Everyone!

Cowboys, Babies, Family, Steamy Romance and Edgy Young Adult! SILENT NIGHT Once, Joanie Russell’s dearest wish was to be a wife and mother. After years devoting herself as a nurse, Joanie still dreams of having a family of her own. Only, being unmarried with no prospects…surely that time has passed. But as Christmas Eve 1966 comes to a close, Joanie is drawn on a search that makes her question what tomorrow might bring. RUNNING OUT OF TIME All Nicole Drummond wants for Christmas is to take her mom away from her abusive drug-running step father. Like that’s going to happen anytime soon. He totally controls their lives. THE AVOIDABLE ORPHAN Recently widowed Rodger de Jonge feels lost. He fears that he’s losing his bond with his daughters, Peta and Courtney. He’s a man of the African bush, and coping with ‘girlie feelings’ was always Helene’s department, not his. When an orphaned baby elephant is found during the Christmas holidays, Rodger sees an opportunity that might help him reconnect with his children. SELENA'S BODYGUARD Selena MacShaw’s presidential mother might have been murdered on Christmas day by Middle East extremists, but Selena has never been scared to live her own life. She loves the Australian Outback. She wants to settle there and stop running from her mother’s enemies. THE BILLIONAIRE'S MISTLETOE BABY Laurel Ashwood needs a miracle. All her six-week old daughter wants for Christmas is a daddy...just for the holidays while Nana visits from Montana. Laurel and her former boss, construction tycoon Nick St. John, used to share a chemistry. But will Nick want to cooperate?

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Author photo not found Robyn Grady

My books have since featured regularly on bestsellers lists and at award ceremonies, including The National Readers Choice, The Booksellers Best, Cataromance Reviewers Choice and Australia’s prestigious Romantic Book of the Year (R*BY). I live on Australia’s gorgeous Sunshine Coast where I met, and married, my real-life hero. When I’m not tapping out my next story, I enjoy my three rapidly growing daughters, going to the theatre, reading on the beach (bliss!) and dreaming about bumping into Stephen King during a month-long Mediterranean cruise.

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