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City of Lace: A Novel of the Christmas Truce, 1914
by Douglas A. Schrock

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City of Lace: A Novel of the Christmas Truce, 1914

On the Western Front of World War I in December 1914, all was murder, all was hatred, all was death. It seemed like nothing could possibly bring a ray of light or hope or happiness into the black and pain and fear and heartbreak that filled the trenches… Until a few tired, lonely soldiers decided they’d had enough of fighting and would instead share their faith and love of Christmas with one another. Rather than yet another battle breaking out, there was an unexpected outbreak and outpouring of forgiveness, Christmas carols, chocolate cake, soccer games, and joint worship/burial services held by the opposing armies. The “Christmas Truce” only lasted a day and night, and soon enough the two sides began to kill each other en masse yet again, but the temporary peace planted the seeds of faith and love in some men’s hearts, which in time would grow. History, especially when it comes to war, does not always yield joy or peace or love, but the story of the Christmas Truce of World War I is one such exception, told here through the eyes of two fictional but realistic characters, one from Germany and the other from Great Britain, both eager to find some purpose in the war—and world—in which they find themselves.

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indie author Douglas A. Schrock

Douglas A. Schrock is the author of two novels, "City of Lace: A Novel of the Christmas Truce, 1914" and "Starfall: A Novel of America's Destruction." These two books are very different because the first novel presents a call to love and peace and hope, but above all living out one's faith, especially by forgiving others, while the second novel reminds us that we all have to face the consequences of our actions, especially if we don't change. That is true of individuals, and that is true of nations, as we are seeing with our own. The book makes the case that America and the world's current political/military/economic/cultural situation will not improve, and that individuals must prioritize becoming right with God in their own daily lives. The novel uses the mythic vampire as an analogy for wickedness and selfishness in the human heart. Mr. Schrock was born in Virginia, but has lived in both Virginia and Michigan. He is a Christian, and enjoys reading, writing, music, and travel. Two of his most meaningful experiences in life have been visiting Israel, particularly Jerusalem, and helping immigrants back home in America learn English. In both "City of Lace" and "Starfall" he has tried to defend the notion of a church that is not nationally limited or worshipful of war, and of the need to look beyond oneself to love others--even the very hard cases--and leave one's sins behind. Another common theme in both books, particularly "Starfall," is that some people will never turn from evil, and that we must accept the pain of that fact. Such an idea is controversial, but crucial.

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Starfall: A Novel of America's D


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