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Benjamin Franklin and the Wendigo Plague
by Robert Van Buskirk

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Benjamin Franklin and the Wendigo Plague

The year is 1763 in an alternate history of North America. In this universe Pontiac’s Rebellion is an overwhelming success. Westward expansion is halted when an immortal sachem uses his medicine to render gunpowder unusable and unleash a plague that turns Europeans into man-eating monsters. Can even Benjamin Franklin, one of the greatest minds of the enlightenment and the father of steampunk, preserve England’s thirteen colonies on the continent?

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indie author Robert Van Buskirk

Robert A. Van Buskirk is still trying to decide what to be when he grows up. He’s worked in several lackluster occupations which don’t merit detailed description. They were jobs that paid the bills and fed his family. But aside from the qualities of being a responsible breadwinner and a caring father, he prefers not to define himself by association with those vocations. As a child he wanted to be an artist, a medieval knight, a mountain man, and a cowboy. Now, his heroes are inventors and writers. He cherishes past efforts to conceive any original idea, and holds a single patent for an invention. His ambition is to live somewhere green and hilly.

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