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Wall Street V/S SBA Gov
by sherman turner

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Wall Street V/S SBA Gov

My Name is Sherman Turner, while in (SBA) Small Business Program the powerful (Wall Street Money Contractors) broke their agreement and started a war not wanting to hire minorities, only whites. They had all the resources, connections and money, but I remain stead-fast hiring minorities. Soon minorities found themselves in a war they could not win. The minorities did choose to fight back, find out why? The mighty (Wall Street Money Contractors) start stealing government job materials and issuing Turner death threats. All of a sudden the (Wall Street Money Contractors) many death threats causes Turner to have a deadly stroke! Climax in Kenya sequel, Turner is now 90% paralyzed and he calls on YMCA special trainer Vernon Duncan for help! Trainer gives him lessons to stand and walk again. Without a memory Turner feels his life is in jeopardy! Now he seeks some place safe for his rehabilitation and faraway. Unbeknownst to Turner his life will change forever in Obama land. In Kenya, Turner learns of Obama in the Kenya Rehabilitation School. Kenyans tell Turner stories of Obama to help his training. Would his full memory ever return? How did Kenyans train Turner? Did (Wall Street Money Contractors) find him in Africa?

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indie author sherman turner

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